My Story

I’m a wife, momma of twins, business owner and licensed psychotherapist with a dynamic practice in California who has found a way to thrive despite my story going off script.  It hasn’t always been pretty (heck, it isn’t even that pretty right now) but I believe that we all have a story of survival, empowerment and confidence within us and it’s a story that needs to be shared and honored. 

I could write a long personal story of all the times my life went differently than planned, how it scared the crap out of me, and how I came out the other side.  I could even share about my continued lessons in searching for balance (P.S. I hate that word), breaking old patterns of giving without receiving, and trying to continually show up brave and full of faith.  And I know I'd be in great company.   

But what I find  even more meaningful is exploring how we’ve all found ways to thrive when the script goes out the window.

It’s the power of our shared voices that heals us and allows us to thrive under the most devastating of circumstances.

My heart gets heavy and overwhelmed when I see and hear (all too often) the judgment, shame, and criticism that occurs amongst women, especially mommas.  I dream of raising my son and daughter in a world where this is a thing of the distant past. I invite you to join in this dream too, because I so believe in the ripple effect of change.

Her Life Unscripted is about embracing my story, your story, and our collective story. It's about celebrating each other and creating a community where it’s safe to say, “I don’t know what I’m doing” and “Help, I’m overwhelmed”.  It's about having our cries for support be answered with love and grace.  And it's absolutely about being courageous, even when we feel small.

My goal is to bring all of our stories together as a way for women to get better at building each other up and embracing what makes each of us thrive.

I believe in faith, courage, and being seen even when I’m scared. And I’m so humbled to have you join me on this journey as you’re inspired to share your story and embrace the unscriptedness of life.

Let’s do this!



P.S. More of my story can be heard on the Her Life Unscripted Podcast, along with many other amazing women’s stories who were brave enough to share, too!