58: Breaking the Silence with special guest Ann Peck - EXPLICIT

Did you know that you cannot create a soft landing for yourself if you're staying silent about something you really need to talk about? Today, Anna wraps up the series of A Soft Landing with an interview with Ann Peck, who looks at the topic of A Soft Landing in really a unique way. She looks at it from the perspective of releasing shame and solidifying your voice and that cannot be done if you're staying in silence. Listen in to find out more about Ann and the work that she does.

Ann is the intelligent and articulate host of the podcast Straight Talk For A Curvy World. She's a Clinical Sexologist, a Sex and Intimacy Coach- but more than that, she's a survivor. She's also written a wonderful book, Smiling On The Outside, Secrets, Sex, Shame And The Search For Self Love. Listen in today, to find out how Ann learned to move forward and how she helps others to do the same.


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Brought to you by Anna Osborn, a wife, momma of toddler twins, business owner and licensed psychotherapist in California.

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