Anna's Signature Talks and Workshop Topics


Anna presents at for-profit and nonprofit companies, consulting with thought leaders and executives to discover unproductive workplace cultures and create innovative policies that embrace women's strengths and roles.


As a speaker at Women's Expos and Conferences, Anna celebrates the power of our Collective Voice as women. Her talks empower women to stop hustling for self-worth, and to stop judging themselves and each other, regardless of how different their life experiences might be.  Her creative energy motivates women to build each other up and celebrate every unscripted story.


Anna also speaks at local women's groups, meet-ups and community groups. In this more intimate environment, she talks about how  "carrying a lighthouse within ourselves" prevents us from feeling lost and drifting away from what really matters. She inspires women to identify and live their all in life.


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Anna is an inspirational and humorous presenter who really knows her stuff. Her style is engaging and she brings her topics to life. She has trained my staff in multiple areas and they consistently respond with positive feedback.
— Margaux Helm, LMFT | Former Director of Programs, WEAVE
Anna has a warm, inviting presence that is attractive to almost any walk of life. Being authentically who she is, she has a genuine desire to connect with, empower and empathize with others. Her strength shines and is contagious. She has a trustworthy spirit that provides a safe place to relate to the world around.
— Mary Lisa Patton, B.A., CADCII, IS, NCFAC
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